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Our Services

Digital Marketing

  • Get higher brand recognition and increase sales
  • Target potential customers as per age, location, gender, interests and professional designation
  • Engage and remarket your ad among interested customers
  • Send traffic to ecommerce sites, social media or special landing pages
  • Utilize the active audiences on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Graphic Design

  • Add appeal to your websites and creatives to sway audience away in just one look!
  • Designs are all about first impressions and we slay them to prefection.
  • From logo designs and social media creatives, to flyers and brochures, we do it all and do it well.

Social Media Management

  • With great power comes great responsibility!
    And with social media being the most influential virtual space, caution is a pre-requisite.
  • Get your brand’s social media accounts handled professionally by us to reach the right audience with the right approach.

Media Buying & Planning

  • Get the attention of your target market as they read newspapers, consume a TV show or tune into radio or social media
  • Define your objectives such as driving awareness/ conversions or footfalls
  • Get maximum impressions at lowest costs with seamless ad placement
  • We negotiate the best deals with publishers, broadcasters and optimize budgets for best results

Influencer Marketing

  • Hire content creators who represent your Target Group
  • Thought leaders in your field who may create or repost your brand stories / product or serivces
  • Gauge insights such as reach, impressions, clicks and views, story insights to measure performance
  • Acquire engagement rate which is derived by total engagement/ total impressions or followers × 100
  • Define your budget, timelines and marketing material to get started

Public Relations

  • Rock your sales with the right outreach!
  • Position your brand right through endorsement and execution of PR campaigns.
  • Design a media campaign for the comprehensive development of your company to make your brand visible.
  • Elaborate PR promotions done for partner brands and movies have made us one of the best in the market.
  • Moving beyond traditional media, we have formulated extensive impactful strategies to gain online tractions.

Music Production

  • Necessary equipment and digital audio workstation to develop and refine your next song
  • Ideation on lyrics backed by vocal references and instrument recommendation
  • Recording, background score effects, enhancing vocals as per requirement
  • Testing on different sound systems and suggesting best industry practices

Video Production

  • We help you tell the right story, to the right people, in the right way!
  • Leverage the power of videographics to uplift your brand and catch the eye of the right audience.
  • We focus on delivering one-stop video solutions with Professional Voice Over for Jingles, Explainer Videos, Background Sound Effects, Corporate Videos, TV Commercials and Animation.
  • Be a part of Matchbox Media video production powerhouse for a revolutionary service delivery for your brand!

Motion Graphics & Animation

  • Give motion and movement to an otherwise still image.
  • Graphics which rotate or spin different elements tend to grab attention for longer and deliver effective messages which mere words cannot.
  • Want to spin your logo? Add motion to your daily social media artwork, use thought bubbles on inforgraphics or explainer videos.
  • Reach out to us for the most inventive motion graphics!